Очень хорошо 72 отзывы
  • Цена/качество 8.0
  • Безопасность 7.0
  • Расположение 7.7
  • Персонал 6.3
  • Атмосфера 7.3
  • Чистота 7.7
  • Оснащение 6.7
Очень хорошо 72 отзывы
  • Цена/качество 8.0
  • Безопасность 7.0
  • Расположение 7.7
  • Персонал 6.3
  • Атмосфера 7.3
  • Чистота 7.7
  • Оснащение 6.7
Valentine Inn Located at Wadi Musa, , Petra.
Valentine Inn
Petra petra 71810 Wadi Musa
72% 72
30.3226633 35.4806417
Valentine Inn
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  • london1705
  • Испания, Женский, 31-40
  • Начинающий путешественник
  • 1 Отзыв
16 май 2016

Just brilliant, nice clean and confortable beds, superb location with impresive views, the diner for extra 5 jd is really satisfying, the free shuttle to Petra entrance or even when you arrive or leave to another place is extraordinary so you avoid the hassle of looking for taxis and all negociating prices or looking for a Meter Taxi. The owner is great! He recomended me the Beduine Meditation Camp and was an excellent choice. Thank you very much to everyone! Def will be back and recomend you.

    • 10.0Цена/качество
    • 10.0Безопасность
    • 10.0Расположение
    • 10.0Оснащение
    • 10.0Персонал
    • 10.0Атмосфера
    • 10.0Чистота
  • Saint-Sandwich
  • США, Мужчина, 18-24
  • Продвинутый путешественник
  • 14 отзывы
5 май 2016

Great place near the central roundabout of Wadi Musa! I was worried after reading that lots of people had problems with the owner, but I had no such issues. Offers tons of services for guests including breakfast, bag lunch, or dinner buffet (at extra charge), free transfers to and from Petra, and tours to Wadi Rum or Karak Castle. WiFi doesn't reach the dorm but that's okay since there is a great chillout tent which it does reach with hookah and a great view of the town and sunset.

    • 10.0Цена/качество
    • 6.0Безопасность
    • 8.0Расположение
    • 6.0Оснащение
    • 8.0Персонал
    • 10.0Атмосфера
    • 10.0Чистота
  • Анонимный
  • Польша, Смешанная группа, 31-40
  • Начинающий путешественник
  • 6 отзывы
3 Янв 2016

Boss was really rude and second there were so cold. We almost died there because there wasnt any heater,only on the reception. Dinner was ok, only ok but it was true, cheaper than other restaurant in Petra.

    • 8.0Цена/качество
    • 8.0Безопасность
    • 6.0Расположение
    • 8.0Оснащение
    • 4.0Персонал
    • 6.0Атмосфера
    • 4.0Чистота
  • troyrowe
  • Australia, Пара, 25-30
  • Опытный путешественник
  • 27 отзывы
17 Дек 2015

OK, firstly, what a rude manager/owner, I've been traveling over 5yrs now and cannot recall that level of rudeness! We asked simple questions like 'where is the bathroom' when we arrived and were blatantly ignored.. that is one example of several. Also, no hot water when we wanted to shower at night, room was beyond freezing (thankfully I had my girlfriend to share body heat with) and security was very average (no where to lock valuables). Don't stay here

    • 6.0Цена/качество
    • 2.0Безопасность
    • 4.0Расположение
    • 2.0Оснащение
    • 2.0Персонал
    • 4.0Атмосфера
    • 6.0Чистота

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