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Отзывы: Анонимный

  • Анонимный
  • Англия, Женский, 18-24
  • Начинающий путешественник
Yellow Submarine Backpackers, Brisbane, Australia
4 Июнь 2017

Booked 2 nights, stayed for 1. Double doors out onto the courtyard left open by roommates ALL night. Was too scared and cold to sleep, I shut them but they were reopened. Hostel is fine for what you pay, but current residents are unfriendly and inconsiderate. Very hostile atmosphere.

    • 8.0Цена/качество
    • 2.0Безопасность
    • 4.0Расположение
    • 6.0Оснащение
    • 6.0Персонал
    • 2.0Атмосфера
    • 4.0Чистота
  • Анонимный
  • Англия, Женский, 18-24
  • Начинающий путешественник
Base St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia
19 Апр 2017

Lockers provided, good location for st kilda and easy to get to tram to city, atmosphere okay but has two nights alone in my dorm which was lonely as a solo traveller! Cleanliness depends on who cleans the bathroom - wasn't cleaned for two days and ran out of toilet roll so had to ask for more. Bar sociable and good fun - very loud but that's fine as knew it is a party hostel. Kitchen big and sofas to chill on. Would go back :)

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thanks for your review! A few things to work on but glad to hear you had a great time!

    • 6.0Цена/качество
    • 10.0Безопасность
    • 10.0Расположение
    • 8.0Оснащение
    • 8.0Персонал
    • 8.0Атмосфера
    • 6.0Чистота
  • Анонимный
  • Англия, Женский, 18-24
  • Начинающий путешественник
Europa Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia
12 Апр 2017

No curtains around bed, horrible atmosphere - very unfriendly hostel for a solo traveller. Toilets/showers stunk all the time, clearly never used bleach and would end up queuing for ages at all hours. Kitchen too small, nearest laundromat is a good 15 minutes away. Cleaning staff rude and walk in loudly, turn on all the lights and quiz you over who's checking out - not appreciated after a late night. Great that you have a plug by your bed and a large locker. Rooftop is nice,

    • 4.0Цена/качество
    • 8.0Безопасность
    • 8.0Расположение
    • 4.0Оснащение
    • 6.0Персонал
    • 4.0Атмосфера
    • 2.0Чистота
  • Анонимный
  • Англия, Женский, 18-24
  • Начинающий путешественник
Dolphins Beach House, Noosa, Australia
15 Февр 2017

LOVED this hostel - one of my favourites in Australia. Right next to sunshine beach which is beautiful and quiet. Dorm was fine but the staff and dorm roomies made it. Loved all the little spaces you could sit around the hostel and shuttle was handy.

    • 10.0Цена/качество
    • 6.0Безопасность
    • 8.0Расположение
    • 10.0Оснащение
    • 8.0Персонал
    • 8.0Атмосфера
    • 8.0Чистота

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