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7 Гостевые дома и других вариантов проживания в Kashan, Иран
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Sang Poloy Boutique Hotel
Гостевой дом- 1.18km от центра города
Welcome to Sang Poloy, a recently renovated house converted into a cosy boutique hotel, a mansion remaining from Qajar era. Sang Poloy is located in an old and quiet alley and is very close to the Kashan's most attractive highlights such as Borujerdi House...
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Shirin Hotel & Hostel
Хостел- 1.69km от центра города
Shirin Hotel & Hostel is located in the vicinity of the historical Aqa Bozorg mosque and Kashan historical center. It's a short walk to Bazaar, all the traditional houses, and mosques. The purpose of Shirin hotel & hostel is to provide perfect services to...
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Sana Historical Hostel
Хостел- 1.63km от центра города
Sana Historical Hostel (SHH) is located in the center of Kashan old town. The beautifully restored historical building has a classic central courtyard garden with a basin, cooling the atmosphere in Kashan hot climate. It is used as a community area, like...
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Amirza Traditional House
Отель- 1.52km от центра города
Amirza Traditional hotel consists of two parts: Qajari part which is in the south wing and First Pahlavi part in the east and west wings. The building dates back to 130 years ago and the renovation finished in 2018. Its closeness to historical houses ensemble...
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Kashan Persian House
Отель- 1.19km от центра города
The Kashan Persian House is blessed with Qajar architecture which dates back to 19th century. It has been elegantly renovated to offer a nice relaxing stay in a pleasant atmosphere with a warm-welcoming staff. We are located in the heart of old city close...
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Kamalalmolk Guest House
Отель- 2km от центра города
Kamalalmolk Guest House is a historic house in the heart of Kashan which now serves as a budget hotel. Dating back to the Qajar dynasty, this house is a historical monument itself. With a prominent location in Kashan, you will have easy access to other historical...
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Kasian Hotel
Отель- 1.39km от центра города
Kasian Hotel of Kashan (Givi Historical House) is one of the fascinating historic houses of Kashan that has become a magnificent hotel for its architectural creativity, and It is located in the heart of Kashan. The beautiful building of the Kassian Sarai...
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