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5 Гостевые дома и других вариантов проживания в Cochabamba, Bolivia
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La Casita Feliz
Гостевой дом- 1.82km от центра города
La Casita Feliz has very bright private rooms with views of the Cristo de la Concordia and in front of the Parque del Maestro, with plenty of space in the common areas such as the living room, dining room, kitchen, etc. We are located in the Cochabamba fence,...
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Running Chaski Hostel
Хостел- 0.98km от центра города
Meet the city from within, here at the Running Chaski you will get to share your experiences with other travelers, exploring the nightlife or just enjoy a few days of relaxation in a mystical colonial atmosphere. You will enjoy a warm stay and a unique concept...
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Casa San Martín Suites
Хостел- 1.37km от центра города
A space from where you can discover the best of Cochabamba with maximum comfort and tranquillity!! We provide a unique and exclusive experience to each of our guests and we have all the essential services to make your stay comfortable, such as complimentary...
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Cabana Las Lilas
Хостел- 6.47km от центра города
Enjoy the peaceful of the countryside, in a place with extensive gardens, relax soaking up the sun and prepare your own barbecue next to a refreshing swimg pool, all this just 15 minutes from the chaotic center of the city center. This hostel is installed...
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El Pueblito Hostel
Хостел- 1.57km от центра города
El Pueblito offers comfortable lodging with a large kitchen and a beautiful patio. Our service makes the difference because with us you will feel at home. We offer all types of tours and a personalized service. The owner, Sergio Castro, has opened three other...
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